Personalized Gateway for Drone Tracking
  • GPER for Drone

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Real-time Location Cloud Platform

GPER for Drone

GPER collects location data to a personalized gateway through GPS. Track your drone, valuables and even close family members and friends in real-time.

Key Features

GPER's personalized network offers a number of key advantages.

Key Features

Personalized LoRa Gateway

Instead of standard 3G or LTE networks, the LoRa gateway network is individualized. Find increased network stability & security even in remote areas.

LPWAN (Low Power Wide Area Network)

LPWAN network is both battery efficient and offers wide area coverage. With low battery use GPER is cost-effective while covering a 5 km area radius.

Catchloc Location Cloud

View real-time location in GPER's companion app (iOS or Android) or PC. Location data can be tracked anywhere in the world.


At 50 x 50 mm and weighing only 42 g, GPER can be attached safely to even smaller drones.

Track Anything

Despite being developed for Drones, GPER's personal network tracking can be used for much more.

Track Anything

Drones & Mini-Drones

Never worry about fly-aways again. GPER can track your drone even if its battery has run out.

Backpack & Purse

A perfect fit for any bag, purse or wallet, GPER can act as a real-time tracker for your valuables especially when you're on vacation.

Bike & Vehicle

No matter what you ride to get around, use GPER to remember the precise location of where your left your vehicle.

Children & Dementia Patients

Lightweight GPER can be worn comfortably as a necklace. Track real-time location of loved ones who are more prone to getting lost.

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