Motorcycle Smart Helmet
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Smart Technology has finally arrived for the motorcycle enthusiast. Equipped with Helmet Cam, Navigation, Take Call & Walkie Talkie functionality.

Advanced Motorcycle Functionality

Advanced Motorcycle Functionality

Helmet Cam

Equipped with an HD (1280X720 at 30 fps) Dash Cam. Record up to 9 full hours and relive your ride.

Driving Route (Navigation)

Compatible with a Maps application, receive real-time guidance to your selected destination. Save frequent destinations like home, work etc.

Receive Call with Noise Reduction Technology

Receive calls while on the road with advanced noise cancellation technology to account for wind noise. Mic and Speakers are built-in.

Press-to-Talk Walkie Talkie

LTE Walkie Talkie lets you stay in touch with your entire crew. Controlled through a button on the handle bar, talk while keeping your grip secure

Intuitive. Social. Safe.

Intuitive. Social. Safe.

Intuitive Button Control

Chin button controls Helmet Cam and Power ON/OFF. Left-ear button controls Call and Audio. Right-ear button toggles between Bluetooth/WiFi.

Companion PLY Application

Set navigation route, view real-time preview of your videos and monitor helmet settings through the PLY companion application.

Direct Social Media Upload

Search Videos on Demand (VOD) based on time stamps. Edit and share directly through the PLY app to let your friends tag along for the ride.

Durable Protection, Comfortable Ride

The sturdy outer shell is impact-tested and padded with a shock-absorbent liner. An integrated air vent allows for air circulation and sweat release.

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