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  • The World First Binocular 360 VR Mode Camera ; Twoeyes VR

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Consumer Binocular 360 Camera

The world’s first binocular 360 VR camera. Capable of capturing the world around you in stereoscopic image and video with two pairs of lenses

About TwoEyes VR

About TwoEyes VR

360 Picture as you see

TwoEyes VR device is composed of two pairs of lenses and there is 65mm eye parallax. Therefore, it will be able to take realistic picture.

Unique Facility

After taking video, you can take 360 stereoscopic image and video at once and enjoy the video through VR headset, Smartphone, PC, and 3D TV.

Two kinds of modes

According to the camera position, consumer can use monocular mode and binocular mode

Easy to go, easy to take

Portable and light weight, take your own stunning image and video anywhere

More About

More About


Support Android, iOS, Windows

Two Colors & Simple design with White and Black Color

360 3D VIEW, 4 lenses take all around you as you see

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