Wekey Pocket

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Wekey Pocket 2 measures just 3 mm thick, when open and is 6 mm thick when closed for storage. Weighing in at only 95 grams, Wekey Pocket 2 is lighter than both your smartphone and your wallet.






Wekey Pocket 2 offers Bluetooth wireless connectivity for those who work on the move. Connect to any smart device including smart phones, tablets and phablets. Wekey Pocket 2 supports Android, iOS and Windows. 

With its foldable design, Wekey Pocket 2 is 6 inches when folded making it about the length of a hand. With its portable dimensions, Wekey Pocket 2 can be carried any way you please.



At 12.2 inches in length, Wekey Pocket 2 is over 80% the length of a standard keyboard creating ample key size and space. With a standard QWERTY lay-out, Wekey Pocket 2 requires minimal adjustment to your typing motion and finger placement. A familiar clicking sound also provides audio feedback to match your typing.


New to Wekey Pocket 2 is an integrated force recognition touch pad. Utilizing Woorin’s Force Sensing Register (FSR) sensor technology, the 3D touch pad offers both mouse movement and click control. Control without every touching the screen, with remote control capability up to 10 meters.



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With one full charge, Wekey Pocket 2 can be used for over a month (2 hour continuous use per day). A built-in auto ON/OFF power saving function automatically saves battery when Wekey Pocket 2 is closed shut. 

Wekey Pocket 2 can be charged through any micro USB (5 pin) cable. With a standard USB cable, Wekey Pocket 2 can reach a full charge in 3-4 hours.  


Use Wekey Pocket 2 worry-free. With its durable & waterproof design accidents, you can rest easy after coffee spills or exposure to rain. Simply dry off and keep using Wekey Pocket 2.



Wekey Pocket 2’s dimensions are made possible by Woorin’s patented wearable PCB technology. Wearable PCB technology allows for intricate circuit patterns to be printed on flexible films or fabrics without risk of structural damage. Bend, stretch or fold, the wearable PCB circuitry will remain functional.






A small start-up venture based out of South Korea, Woorin seeks to develop products from the ground-up starting from the building blocks of technology. Woorin’s patented wearable PCB is a reflection of this ground-up approach, with a focus on not just Korean-made products, but Korean-made technology.

Risks and challenges

Following two successful Indiegogo campaigns for previous models, Wekey Pocket 2 will first be introduced to the mass market through crowdfunding on Kickstarter. Wekey Pocket 2’s Kickstarter campaign is scheduled for launch in November 2017. Early Bird discounts will be available for Wekey Pocket 2’s earliest adopters.